Friday, September 18, 2009

Okay people, hear me out first, all this talk about religion, about God the Almighty, there are so many version of the same topic
but different ending. Well, actually there's only two ending for that matter. That is of course, as we all know it, heaven or hell. Pardon me for being so direct, I mean, how else can you describe it? Anyway, let's put things into order, God created man (adam&eve) correct? Question is, what for? Why was man created? "Hello" if you were God, why would you create man? For someone to worship you right? If there's only God & the angels, but no man who will worship God in own free will. It's pointless to be God of nothing.
God made man so He can be worship by man with his own free will.
Sound conffusing? Yeah, me too. No, really, it's the truth, God mad man so man will worship God and give glory to him in accordance to His will. What is God's will in the first place? God's will is to save humanity from punishment come judgment day. Because man is already pre-judge even before he is born. But since God is so loving and merciful, He sent His only begotten son
to save us from our sins and receive life eternal in the Holy land promised to us when Christ return for His people. That again is the whole point of Christ death, He died for His people, not everybody who says "Oh I believe in Christ, I know Jesus Christ, he lives in me" and all that mumbo jumbo. Yeah right, if they believe in Christ, what are they doing outside His church. We all know Christ built His church, Mathew 16:18. Upon this rock, (reffering to himself, not Peter)I will built my church" You see, Christ built His church, and who owns it? Christ right? So it is safe to call this church Church of Christ. Not the mormon kind ha, they have different agenda in their belief, "As long as you can support them, it's okay to have multiple wives" Is that Biblical even? God says "I have espouse you to one wife" not wives and adultery is considered outside one's marriage.
Going back to the topic, (sorry for veering off the topic) How can one preach unless they are sent is the Bibles question. Just look at the basic rules first. What right do they have to preach unless God sends them to do so. Are they evem connected with God's messenger.(Jesus Christ) He brought us the message of hope, why are we rejecting it. First command of Christ, John 10:9,"Enter in me and you will be saved", It's so simple but hard to believe. How can anyone be save if we must enter Christ body? Look again, we are to enter His body, His church, (Colosians 1:18) Christs is the head of His body, His church, Romans 16:16 Don't you see, what I'm saying is true because it is all supported by the Biblel. I don't claim to be no preacher. I'm just a plain member of His body, His Church, the Church of Christ prophesied in the Bible. Unles a chuch is mention in the Bible, be it name or any other distinguishing characteristic. It cannot be a true christian belief if it doesn't follow Christ teaching.